Massage Chamonix & Villefranche sur Mer TCM and Physio/Sport Therapy


Mobile Therapy Service for Villa, Yacht, Chalets


CHAMONIX, Valley Alps France





Mobile Massage, TCM Treatments (Acupuncture)

&  Sports Therapy Service Chamonix

Villefranche sur Mer


brings customized Remedial Massages, Sports – Injury Therapy & Remedial TCM Treatment




to your Chalet, Hotel, Villa and Yachts in

Chamonix Valley and the South and South-West of France


  • Pregnancy and Baby Massage


  • Detox cellulite Lymph Drainage


  • Balinese Ayurvedic Massage


  • Thai “Lazy ” Yoga Massage


  • Sports Therapy Physio/TCM treatments


  • Remedial, Ayurvedic Relaxing and De-toxing Oil Massage


  • Deep-Tissue massage( Swedish Massage)


  • Acupressure / Shiatsu Massage


  • Nerve Touch Massage (hernia/ RSI)


  • Chronic Sports Injury Therapy


  • Chronic Back/ Neck Problems


  • TCM Treatments (Traditional Chinese Medicine)


  • Acupuncture (electro stimulation) Recovery Treatments, Tuina, Cupping, Moxa

  • Detox/ Re-energize Treatments

  • Body Release & De-Stress Treatments

  • Weight Management Consulate TCM detox and Loosing Weight Treatment

  • Pregnancy TCM treatments (pregnancy sickness, post and pre-natal birth problems, overdue and baby re-positioning treatments)



Personal training Personal Health/Detox/Weight programs



Personal exercise program for Chronic Injuries


Additional Yoga Package during your stay and we offer Massage Training Course for yacht and chalets staff.





We combine the best massage & stretching techniques out of the Eastern and Western Medicines.

Using various types of Spors,

Relaxation and Remedial Massage techniques.



Strong Deep-Tissue, Acupressure and the Holistic approach out of the Eastern Medicine


 in combination with Manipulations and Sports Therapy/ Injury and Rehabilitation Techniques out of the physiotherapy.



Massage Thai “Lazy” Yoga



Are you looking for a relaxing oil or a strong remedial massage……….

a re-energizing treatment or get rid of your old sports injury?




kruidenstempell (1)

Looking for more than just a massage, a total body treatment

for body and mind to reduce and release stress related problems




to combat burn-out, migraine, hernia, sciatica, back/neck ache, sleeping -bowel -stomach disorders, PMS and lots more…….



Alps Mobile Therapies adjust every treatment to your personal needs. Use only essential oils and natural organic products.



With Alps Mobile Therapies you are in professional hands..!



  • Bachelor Degree program physiotherapy Sports Therapy


  • Trained Thai, Balinese Ayurvedic/ Deep-tissue – Qualified Recognised Sports and Remedial Masseuse.


  • Qualified Balinese, Deep-Tissue and Thai Masseuse


  • Qualified and Recognised practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chinese Trained


  • Two years study of Basic Western Medicine


  • Yearly trained International first Aid,


  • Four years anatomy pathology and physiology


Known and working with professional ski, snowboard athletes (Nike X-Games), yacht and chalets companies.


Therapist who is professional and have more than

12 years of experience in Sports Therapy, Deep Tissue and Remedial Massage,

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Body and Mind Treatments including Nutrition, weight management .




For more information contact




Send us an email for bookings and enquiries during your stay and holiday.

Make the most of your stay and give yourself the treatment your body deserves!

Book your 3 day massage training course now!

And learn how to make your own oils and differents types of body works.

We only work by pre-arrival bookings at the moment or contact your chalet host


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